Between now and May 15, 2016, literary print and online magazines may nominate two poems by emerging writers they published after January 1, 2015. Any poets the magazines nominate must meet our eligibility requirements.

Print journals must have:

    • a national distribution, and
    • a print run of 500 or more.

    Online magazines must:

      • be active for one year prior to April 1, 2016, and
      • receive an average of 300 hits per month or more.

      If your magazine has never (or has not recently) participated in the nomination process and would like to participate for 2016, contact the series editor and provide:

      • your journal/magazine name
      • postal address
      • e-mail address
      • URL
      • total print run
      • number of paid subscribers

      You will receive a response with instructions for making nominations.

      Announcement of Finalists

      We will announce our final 50 poets in August by posting the results on our blog and emailing all of the entrants.

      We do not publish the list of semi-finalists whose poems were passed on to the guest editor, and cannot provide this information.