We're pleased to announce our 50 finalists for the 2016 edition:

Christine Adams, "The Root Systems of Orchids"

Kaveh Akbar, "Fugu"

Jeremy Allan Hawkins, "You Must Become a Bear"

Kenzie Allen, "In Which I Become (Tiger Lily)"

Craig Beaven, "100 Years Meditation"

Jenny Boychuk, "Aperiophobia"

Jo Brachman, "The Scientist's Hypothesis of Distance"

Anders Carlson-Wee, "To the Fingerless Man in Banff"

Stephanie Cawley, "Mary Shelly"

Sam Cha, "Word Problem Heart"

Alex Chertok, "The Museo del Prado Closes Early on New Year’s Eve"

Moriah Cohen, "Snow Downgraded to Nuisance on the Narrow Street"

William Cordeiro, "Open Country"

Kyle Dacuyan, "Whalemouth"

Mary-Alice Daniel, "Mefloquine Side Effect #1: Nightmares"

Jesse De Angelis, "American Spacesuit"

Cara Dees, "Vigil Hemming In"

Nandini Dhar, "A Brief History of Clamor"

Patrick Errington, "White Lies"

Ariel Francisco, "Meditation on Patience"

Benjamin Garcia, "Le Daria Mis Pulmones"

Julian Gewirtz, "The Gang's All Here"

Benjamin Goodney, "To Lack the Concept Ecstasy"

Wren Hanks, "The Ghost Incites a Genderqueer Pledge of Allegiance"

Rachel Hanson, "Bound"

Jackson Holbert, "Elegy"

Rachel Inez Lane, "Dear Bat Boy"

Jennifer Jabaily-Blackburn, "Braintree"

John James, "Poem around Which Everything Is Structured"

Alyssa Jewell, "Frida Kahlo Takes a Muse in Detroit"

Peter LaBerge, "The Newcomers"

Jennie Malboeuf, "Grandmothers"

Max McDonough, "Makeshift Bildungsroman"

L.S. McKee, "Alva and the Complex Pool"

Susannah Mintz, "Anti-eclogue"

Elizabeth O'Brien, "At the Academy for Muses"

Erick Piller, "Jar"

Jessica Poli, "Milkstone"

Joy Priest, "Ode to Hushpuppy"

Jody Rambo, "Elegy in Which My Mother Learns to Swim"

Cintia Santana, "Notes to a Funeral"

Caitlin Scarano, "Mule"

Gaetan Sgro, "This Life Is a Fox I Stole"

Charif Shanahan, "Song"

Jen Siraganian, "Monroe, Washington"

Pireeni Sundaralingam, "Fugue"

Talin Tahajian, "Remedies"

Peter Twal, "On the Road"

Matthew Wimberley, "Poem Ending with Infinity on the Glass"

Karl Zuehlke, "Autumn"


Best New Poets is an annual anthology of 50 poems from emerging writers. Each year, a guest editor selects 50 poems from nominations made by literary magazines and writing programs, as well as an open internet competition.

Each February, we contact writing programs and literary magazines and send them instructions on how to nominate their writers. Programs and magazines will have until May 15 to make nominations. After that date, we contact their nominated poets and ask those writers to upload work during our May 15 to June 15 submission window. So, if you've just had a poem published in a magazine or are enrolled in a creative writing program, you might consider asking them to nominate you.

If you don't receive a program or magazine nomination, there's also the open internet competition, which is open to all writers who have not published a book-length collection of poetry. Unlike the free magazine and program nominations, the open competition requires a reading fee of $4.00 (We know. We don't like fees either. Read our FAQs to learn more.) All poems are submitted online through Submittable.

We cannot suppose we know what poetry will look like in twenty years; perhaps not even what it will look like tomorrow. But this is a glimpse at today: the energy, openness, and chutzpah of the new.
— D.A. Powell, Best New Poets Guest Editor 2011

Submissions: Open May 15 - June 20, 2016

Nominations: Completed

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